Muslim Bin Ham Council: Coexistence in the UAE is a continuation of the values of the founders

Participants in the Sheikh Musallam Bin Salem Bin Hamri Amiri Council affirmed that the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, that 2019 in the UAE will be a year of tolerance is a message of love from the land of Zayed the Good.

“The UAE has successfully managed to build a unique and unique human coexistence on its territory for more than 200 nationalities involved in the work, construction and development process,” said Musallam bin Salim Al Hamri. To achieve many lofty goals, the most important of which are to build bridges of communication and convergence among peoples, and to remain the inspiring catalyst for greater peace and security.

He added: “The Year of Tolerance is a continuation of those values established by the founding father Zayed, whose white hands extend in love and tolerance to the whole world. Tolerance is an extension of the year of human rights and the consolidation of its values of tolerance.”

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