Under the patronage and presence of Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Musallam Bin Ham Al Ameri, Deputy Secretary General of IIMSAM Organization which is related to United Nations and in- cooperation with the Gandhi International Family, the World Peace Conference was held under the theme “The UAE is a Model for Peaceful Coexistence” at the Royal Rose Abu Dhabi Hotel, with presence of Mr. Ashok Kapoor, CEO of the Gandhi Global Family.

Dr. Mohammed Bin Ham praised the unique experience of the United Arab Emirates in establishing peace as a true value in human life, in support of development and development in various fields and creating a model of peaceful coexistence between societies, free from racism, , Which are the meanings that have been established by our wise leadership since the founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan “may God rest his soul”, which laid the building blocks for the state of peace and security and coexistence and coexistence, and perhaps his saying: “We seek peace, and respect the right of neighbor and protect the friend” is still firmly in our minds and remained and will remain Nebras Which we guide in our relations with the peoples, and complement the development process pursued by the State currently under the leadership of rational well know the importance of peace and reflected on the gains.

“Peace and coexistence in the UAE is a reality that is supported by all indicators. In our country, citizens of more than 200 countries live in peace and harmony, benefiting and benefiting from the comprehensive development environment witnessed by the state, which in turn reflects on security and safety. The list of the safest countries in the world, which gains good leadership to consolidate and develop through the strict laws aimed at preserving the state as one of the successful models of peaceful coexistence in the world, where the issuance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State in 2015 decree Law on combating discrimination and hatred, which provides for the criminalization of acts associated with the contempt of religion and its holy sites and the fight against all forms of discrimination and renunciation of hate speech through various means and methods of expression.

“The UAE government’s decision last year to establish a Ministry of Tolerance was also a promotion of the principle of tolerance, moderation, stability, peaceful coexistence and respect for diversity, which demonstrates the leadership’s keenness to consolidate the value of peace in society,” said Amsam.

Our country has not stopped in its quest for peace within the borders of the interior, but has contributed to and contributed to the global development and humanitarian relief to support the needy countries affected by wars and natural disasters, and did not spare even the most precious possessions, which is represented by its sons and sent them to neighboring countries to restore peace and protect the legitimacy in those countries , As well as combating terrorism, reconstruction and reconstruction.

Since its inception, the UAE has been, and continues to be, an advocate of peace, a symbol of dialogue and the convergence of civilizations, and a global model to be followed in cultural coexistence and social harmony. And reject all forms of nerve, extremism, hatred and discrimination, through the enactment of legislation and laws, and the launch of initiatives to promote good.

“I would like to express my happiness with the participation of the Gandhi family of the United Nations in the conference, one of the organizations that has made the dissemination of a culture of peace a goal and a road map and has made a lot of efforts to do so through its initiatives, Or across the world, in a noble human endeavor to make this planet a viable planet.

“We are also working for the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNSCO), the permanent international observer of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESCOS),” he said. “We are working on the most important goals, which is the eradication of poverty and hunger. To support community peace in the developing and least developed countries of the world. Our centers are deployed in Africa, Asia, Mexico and Haiti, as well as our continued alignment with humanitarian needs in various parts of the world, including humanitarian relief and the response to natural disasters.

For his part, Mr. Pharma, General Director of the Gandhi International Family, expressed his admiration for the UAE model of peaceful coexistence, stressing that their organization has committed itself to spreading peace in the world as the ideal situation that the peoples aspire to. He also thanked Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Muslim Bin Ham for sponsoring this important conference.

In his speech entitled “Peace is the path to development and economic growth,” Ashok Kapoor, spokesman for the Gandhi family, said the experiences proved that societies living in true peace are the most advanced, citing the UAE’s development in all aspects of life , Thanks to the climate of security and security, and its desire to build a real model of coexistence within a single society.

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