In the presence of Mohammed Bin Ham ..The Jordanian Association open Zayed Hall

In the presence of Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Muslim Bin Ham Al Ameri, Deputy Secretary General of IIMSAAM
Juma Al Abbadi, Ambassador of the Hashemite  Kingdom of Jordanc open Zayed Hall at the headquarters of the Jordanian Association in Al Ain. The opening ceremony was attended by Ahmed Al Jabour, Of the Jordanian community in Al Ain

Bin Hamm praised the initiative of the Jordanian Society, stressing the deep brotherly relations between the UAE and Jordan at all levels, based on the firm belief in Arab cooperation, which is a fundamental pillar between the brothers

Adding that history will stand long when Zayed man and the leader who gave the Arab peoples a lot and was God’s mercy a real school in the sense of the word we learned patience, skin, love, respect, perseverance and sincerity in work, justice and mercy

For his part, the Jordanian ambassador hailed the historic brotherly relations between the Kingdom and the sisterly United Arab Emirates and the keenness to increase cooperation and coordination in the service of common brotherly interests

“Sheikh Zayed, may God bless him and grant him peace, is a leader of humanity and its source, source of good and origin and man of righteousness and charity. The UAE is a global humane state of giving, generosity and a consistent approach to supporting human development and wellbeing everywhere, regardless of religion, ethnicity, language or  geographical location” Juma Al Abbadi Said

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