More than 5000 volunteers in Awnak Ya Watan cultural and knowledge initiatives

Under the patronage of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Muslim bin Ham Al-Amri, head of the volunteer “Awnak Ya Watan” team, and coinciding with the launch of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, “The National Program to Support Creators” The volunteer team, “Awnak Ya Watan”, organized a series of initiatives and cultural and knowledge competitions “remotely”, with the aim of supporting intellectuals and writers and contributing to spreading knowledge awareness in several fields.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Ham stressed that creators are part of the details of daily life, providing society with its cultural needs, as their creative works contribute to creating human contact with thought and culture.

Bin Ham continued: Such initiatives bring added value to the efforts made to support the creators and innovators to overcome the challenges posed by the current crisis, and he stressed the importance of the role of all sectors of society in advancing the process of cultural and knowledge development, which comes at the forefront of the pillars of the comprehensive development of the state



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