Under the patronage of Mohammed Bin Ham .. “Awnak Ya Watan” and “Ambassadors of Good” Organize a “tolerance meal” initiation 
nder the patronage and presence of Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Muslim bin Ham Alamri Deputy Secretary General of IIMSAM United Nations, Chairman of Aounk Volunteer Team and in Tolerance Aounak Volunteer Team, in cooperation with the Volunteer Ambassadors team, They organized the “Tolerance Meal” initiative, a humanitarian initiative aimed at distributing meals to the workers to draw the smile on their faces The initiative was held in Al Jahili Park for 3 days, where meals were distributed to more than 450 workers over 3 days in Al Jahili Park in Al Ain The event was attended by Dr. Ibrahim Ali, Chairman of the Association of Friends of the Environment, Vice President of Networks of Friends of the Gulf Environment, and members of the local community Bin Ham explained that good is a feature of the Emirati personality that contributed to the society being developed and civilized and becomes the happiest people of the world, Our interaction with the Year of Tolerance comes in addition to many humanitarian actions and charitable initiatives, all of which we seek to follow our leadership Which pays great attention to residents of the state, and always urges their happiness and attention to them, especially the class of workers Such initiatives are the result of what our leadership has instilled in us in the love of charity and the provision of assistance to those in need, and the giving of humanitarian and volunteer work, both individuals and institutions, to serve this precious country.

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