Dr. Mohammed bin Muslim bin Ham Alameri, Deputy Secretary-General of “IIMSAM” attended the meetings of the General Assembly of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Geneva “IIMSAM” is the permanent international observer of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, It participates continuously in the deliberations of the Council on matters within the scope of its activities For his part, Bin Ham said: “We always strive to provide all possible support and achieve the humanitarian objectives of the Organization, based on the vision of our wise leadership in the UAE “IIMSAM” is a key supporter of the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development 2015-2030,” he said. “It also defends hatred, violence and fraternity between religions, this is in line with President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s announcement that “2019” in the UAE will be a year of tolerance. Adding that the UAE is a pioneer in establishing tolerance as a real value in human life and as a supporter of the process of development and development in various fields, And the creation of a model of peaceful coexistence among societies that transcends the racism of sex, color or religion, the meanings that have been established by our wise leadership since the founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan “may God rest his soul” and which laid the building blocks for the state of peace and security and coexistence  

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