Speech of Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Muslim Bin Ham Al Ameri, Deputy Secretary General of IIMSAM on the occasion of the flag day


The celebration of the State of flag Day is an opportunity to promote the concepts of citizenship and national sense, because the flag day is a precious occasion for the hearts and minds of all citizens and residents in the UAE and an opportunity to celebrate the success achieved under the flag of the UAE. The state 47 years ago.

“The flag of the UAE is the symbol of the glory of our country, which must always remain as high as the UAE and its people. Let us preserve it as a proud and inspiring successor in every place and time. He pointed out that the wings of the country’s citizens today raise not only the flag but also the march of a country that has surpassed the world in its advancement and is at the forefront of countries that dazzle the major international centers. The science of the State has been raised in the front row within international forums for conflict resolution and the response to humanitarian challenges and disasters.

He added that the pride of science is a true expression of belonging to the homeland, which we all meet on his love, and work to raise and protect him, and pointed out that these principles and values ​​enshrined by our leadership in the hearts of word and deed, it is our duty to maintain national achievements and keep on The banner of the homeland is a high bluff, because it is the country’s right to offer and work for it as much as it is offered to us, and to rally around our leadership in order to move forward in building the UAE. .

“The UAE’s unity, solidarity, national and social cohesion, belonging to their homeland, and loyalty to the leadership of the UAE and the surrounding countries in the various conditions and data that the country, the region and the world have undergone are among the most important elements of the UAE’s success. This country is a model of success, development, prosperity and socio-economic prosperity.

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