Under the patronage of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Muslim bin Ham Al-Amri, the “Awnak Ya Watan Volunteer Team” launched a national campaign to give thanks and gratitude to the first line of defense for their efforts in combating the pandemic of the emerging Corona Virus “Covid-19” in a community initiative entitled “Thank you for Your efforts” In order to reinforce the role of “Awnak Ya Watan Volunteer Team” in social awareness, and continuing to his role in appreciating the workers in the first line of defense and their tremendous efforts in serving the country during the Corona pandemic, in launching campaign which is based on distributing greeting messages and bouquets of flowers On the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha doctors Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Ham said: This initiative reinforces the great words echoed by our leaders during the Corona pandemic crisis, which demonstrated that the relationship of rational leadership in the Emirates with the people is an exceptional relationship abundant with many revelations and evidence that man is the wealth of the most precious nation Bin Ham explained: “Our medical staff presented our first line of defense, providing the finest meanings of belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and keenness to perform the tasks entrusted to it with confidence and competence in order to safeguard the health and safety of all members of society.”

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